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AntiMalware Rating: 9.5/10

SpyHunter 4

SpyHunter is one of the most powerful if not the most powerful anti-malware tool in the business. SpyHunter is Checkmark Certified by West Coast Labs and holds the Platinum Product Award. It has been well tested in both real time and simulated stress tests and it has performed really well.

The main power of SpyHunter is that it protects in real time and it doesn’t spare a second to compromise your safety. Its revolutionary deep scanning technology makes sure that nothing escapes the grasp of SpyHunter’s security features. Its performance is incredibly reliable, thanks to the constant updates which makes sure that it is prepared to counter every malware threat.

With all the functional capabilities of SpyHunter, you would think that it might slow down your PC. Contrary to that fear, SpyHunter actually makes your PC run faster than ever before. Its comprehensive scan doesn’t interfere with system processes, and it makes sure that you have enough resources to keep working while SpyHunter works for you. It also makes sure that there are no registry issues and it tries to fix them as soon as it detects anything out of sorts.

Not only does SpyHunter work to scan and remove the pesky malware in your system, it also works to prevent future attacks from known and potential malware threats. It features a system guard and a network guard to make sure that nothing malicious gets through. It has been very responsive and effective during tests where a local and online attack has been attempted.

To further protect your system from damage and data loss, SpyHunter bundles a powerful backup utility to make sure your precious data is safe from harm. In several tests where SpyHunter may mistake a file because of a false alarm, the backup system was able to rollback successfully without any hassle at all.

Powerful Rootkit Removal Feature

SpyHunter is one of the very few devices that feature a special rootkit removal system. It can easily scan, detect and remove rootkits in the system, regardless of how widespread and deep it has penetrated the system. It even goes as far as launching a revolutionary “Compact OS”, which is designed to combat rootkits that regenerate after reboot. The Compact OS launches after a rootkit removal and reboot, which makes sure that the rootkit is completely gone from the system.

This program also features ongoing customer support. It updates very frequently and it is very easy to use. In case you find yourself lost in this well designed software, or if something that was supposed to work isn’t working the way it should, the support team is ready to assist at any time.

Their helpdesk is so advanced that they can even help you by remotely controlling your PC with your permission to manually remove any malware threat that the software can’t seem to deal with. The service is conveniently free.

Time and time again, SpyHunter has helped thousands of users find their way out of a nasty malware situation. Where several anti-malware systems fail, SpyHunter succeeds, and where several anti-malware systems do succeed, SpyHunter definitely excels.


Features :

  • Stop majority of viruses and malware with Proactive Protection
  • Warnings about unsafe pages displayed in search results
  • Eliminate data leaking over email, Facebook, IM...
  • Minimize interruptions with automatic mode activations
  • Basic, Intermediate and Experts interface settings